A trip to Paris in 2003, so many things to see:¬† I took photos of¬† staircases.¬† When I got home, I found Ned May’s¬†¬†Custom Fibonacci Spiral Generator¬†and began designing quilts with spirals.

This fall, IQA sponsored a contest for photos which inspired quilts.  My photo of the stairwell in the Arc de Triomphe was included, and was the photo from the exhibit chosen for the Houston program.

Stairwell, Arc d'Triomphe, Paris

Stairwell, Arc de Triomphe, Paris


Stairway to the crypts, Pantheon, Paris

Stairway to the crypts, Pantheon, Paris

Staircase in Constitution Hall, Versailles, France

Staircase in Constitution Hall, Versailles, France

When in Paris, don’t miss the Unicorn tapestries at the Musee national du Moyen Age, in the Latin Quarter.¬† Stunning.

6 Responses to “Spirals”

  1. Frank says:

    If I hadn’t seen these creations with my own eyeballs, I might think they were CGIs. But, I know better. CGIs just ain’t that good in comparison.

    Makes one wonder what you’d have done if they were working on fractals when you were doing math back at Berkeley before you met that handsome rogue that hangs around your house.

  2. Elisabeth says:


    I love your new website and knowing that there are kindred-staircase-inspired artistic spirits out there! Go Fibanacci! Go You! The photos and quilts are exquisite. I look forward to updates. Cheers!

  3. Jeanne says:

    The website and blog look great. Good job by both you and Gloria!
    Your work is stunning. I love how detailed your pieces are, and how some play with positive negative with clear, bright colors. Congrats to getting it all done – I’ll get there in 2010 ūüôā

  4. Lynn says:

    Wonderful! You have such an eye for beauty.

  5. Terri says:

    Helen – your quilts are wonderful! Spinning Out Spinning In 2 gives such a sense of moving colors. I feel as if I am being pulled playfully into a spinning vortex and will emerge elsewhere in the galaxy. What a delight for the senses!

  6. Last night I attended Jack’s reading at the University Bookstore. An outsider to a close knit group, I enjoyed the fabric of connectivity between you all. Elements of the reading linger, and looking at the cover of Satori, I see how fitting the folding and unfolding of the material, both literal and tactile as in textile art is for the cover art. Congratulations on your work and partnership, impressive and touching to hear and see such commitment to art and relationships.

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